Introduction to CyBench’s capabilities, always free and no sign-up necessary.
+10 Reports/Workspace
Users are allowed 10 reports in their private workspace.
+1 Private Workspace
Private Workspaces allow you to store reports only accessible to you or designated users, allowing you to make comparisons and view trends in your code’s performance.
+1 Month Report Retention
Reports are stored for 1 month before being automatically deleted.
+No Purchase Necessary
All users start on the free plan, just sign-in via GitHub on CyBench’s UI, create a Private Workspace, and get started!
Advanced limits to support multiple projects for CyBench enthusiasts.
+50 Reports/Workspace
Private workspaces you own will allow up to 50 reports each!
+2 Private Workspaces
An additional Private Workspace allows you to stay organized when viewing and comparing the performance in your code between changes for all your projects.
+3 Month Report Retention
Extended Report Retention allows you to track performance regression across a longer period of time.
+Designed for Power Users
Increased data limits and extended report retention allows users to take their benchmarking and performance regression testing to the next level.
Limitless performance testing across all your projects.
+Unlimited Reports
Each workspace you own will be able to store an unlimited amount of reports!
+5 Private Workspaces
Additional Private Workspaces allow you to organize a wide spectrum of projects.
+Reports Retained Forever
Reports will never expire, and will be accessible whenever, forever.
+Great For Teams
With a plethora of workspaces and unlimited reports, the team plan is perfect for multiple users on various projects.